Mindfulness can have a powerful effect on the level of resilience, efficiency and enthusiasm in teams. Our programs are based on well-researched scientific evidence and help teams to reduce stress reactivity, increase resilience, enhance interpersonal relationships, build emotional intelligence, enhance innovation and creativity and improve working memory and attention. By raising awareness and developing creative habits of response, participants experience a higher ability to focus and engagement levels are improved.

While our offers are always tailor-made, they usually fall within one of the following formats:


Resilience Course


The digital age is challenging us collectively and individually. In this new era, we constantly need to adapt to changing circumstances and leave our comfort zone to take bold risks. Mindfulness can be an inner technology that helps us to better deal with the challenge of constant connectivity, information overload and rapid change. This course takes place over 8 weeks and explores different tools that can help us to stay present, resourceful and resilient in the digital age.


Creativity Workshop


Creativity is a dance between what we know and what we don´t know. Through this movement, we make meaning of the world around us and the invisible visible. The secret to tapping our creative genius is knowing how to get our subconscious to work for us. This workshop is delivered for groups of up to 20 people and will help you to awaken states and qualities of mind that boost your creativity.


Productivity Workshop


Our modern work life environment is dominated by information overload, constant connectivity, multitasking and back-to-back meetings  - the ability and space to focus has become increasingly rare. Mindfulness can be a valuable tool to better navigate this new era and thrive instead of getting drowned. This workshop will help you to increase your productivity, de-clutter your life and improve your focus.


Mindful Communication Workshop


Good communication is essential to any healthy relationship. Mindfulness can help us communicate more effectively and meaningfully with others in our personal and professional lives. Learn how to handle difficult conversations, listen more effectively and speak with greater clarity. This workshop is delivered in a small group setting for up to 15 participants.


Change Management Workshop


Change management is crucial to the development of organisations. Effectively dealing with change, helps an organisation to thrive. And effective change management takes the Human Element into account. This 3-day workshop applies Mindfulness tools to support your change management process by creating clarity around reactive patterns and introducing strategies to skilfully respond to change.