Weekday Courses in London

Our London weekday courses enable you to learn and practice Mindfulness while staying in the city. Our comprehensive curriculum will teach you the basic scientific theory of Mindfulness, breathing practices, concentration practices and Mindfulness meditation. The course takes 8 hours over 4 consecutive sessions and consists of lectures, individual instructions and group practice.


This course will cover


1. Theoretical Background

Exciting research in recent years shows that meditation has tremendous benefits on our physical, mental and psychological wellbeing. Starting with the scientific theory of meditation, we will give you an overview of how meditation works and what effects it has on your mind and body.

2. Breathing Meditation

By learning specific breathing techniques, you will be able to relax your body, decrease mental tension and increase your sensory awareness. This practice has an immediate effect on your entire nervous system and helps you to unwind deeply held layers of stress and fatigue. 

3. Concentration Meditation

In the second part of this course, you will receive an introduction and guidance in concentration meditation. This practice will help you to calm your mind and gain more clarity and focus. Concentration meditation reduces stress and anxiety, and can serve as a valuable tool in your day to day life. 

4. Mindfulness Meditation

In the final part of the course, you will learn how to practice Mindfulness meditation. This powerful tool will dramatically raise your resilience and equanimity. Instead of associating with thoughts and feelings, you will learn how to rest in awareness and remain as the observer.  



Better Focus

Gain more clarity and work with more focus.


More Resilience

Feel less stressed and increase your endurance

Better Sleep

Improve your sleep and feel more creative. 

Less Anxiety

Experience less fear and achieve better results.


Soho House Members Club - 40 Greek Street - W1D 4EB, London





Sebastian Nienaber 

As the founder of Profuse29, Sebastian is excited to share his appreciation and enthusiasm for meditation within a modern day framework. Having trained for 10+ years in Zen and Theravada Buddhism, he values the traditional context of spiritual practice. With Profuse29 he wants to offer a secular and science driven approach to learning meditation.


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